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"Little Hollow" Listen + Press

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Zack Fletcher's new standalone single is the follow-up to the well-received Ohio Reveries collection. 'Little Hollow' is a brand new ballad reflecting on Fletcher's latest and most important endeavor: fatherhood. This song is a note to Fletcher's newborn son. The simple beauty in its arrangement along with a heartfelt message can serve as a reminder to any listener to keep hold of the light even in the darkest times. 'Little Hollow' released digitally on 12.2.2022. Listen to 'Little Hollow' now!

Press coverage:

"Simply listen to the father who speaks to his child who has just arrived on earth, warning him of the dangers and obstacles to come, with admiration and tenderness."

"The care and attention to detail evident in this song is truly stunning, with a production aesthetic as powerful and meditative as the miracle of life and family."

"'Little Hollow' es de esos sencillos que nos hacen viajar hacia lo más profundo de nuestro interior..."

"...a heartfelt message that aims to remind listeners to keep hold of the light even in the darkest days."

"...irresistivelmente mágica e libertadora de bons sonhos na mente daqueles que acreditam em finais felizes."

"The wonderful melody walks next to us like a good friend. The rhythm gives us strength and courage."

"Zack Fletcher a quelque chose comme d’habité dans ses chansons. Une forme de mélancolie qui amène à la nostalgie."

Compilation featuring 'Little Hollow':

Performance Video

BG Independent News featured this performance video of 'Little Hollow' live from The City Space/Brookside Church in Bowling Green, Ohio on 12.9.22. Fletcher's set was a part of the 15 Mins of Xmas Community Concert by Mike Williams on Sax.

Little Hollow (Live from The Ryman):

'Little Hollow (Live from The Ryman)' is streaming everywhere! this live cut of 'little hollow' was recorded at Ryman Auditorium's Air Castle Studio. Hear it now!

During my Nashville stop on the Ohio reveries tour, we took a tour of the famous and historic Ryman Auditorium. I had no idea that a little recording booth sat in the back of the lower bowl. Apparently it's sometimes used for concert broadcasts, but during guest tours you can sign up to sing over a classic country tune pre-recorded by the Grand Ole Opry house band... or you can play an original song. 'Little Hollow' was written right as the tour started and I had ideas to make it my next single. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to give it a go, and as fate would have it they had a guitar handy and the very last slot for the day was available. In the booth, I looked out to see the famous Ryman stage where hundreds of incredible performances have taken place. But even more stunning was seeing my wife with her big baby bump through the glass, while I performed the song dedicated to our little boy on the way who we would meet in just a short couple months. The live, single-take nature of this cut gives it a much more raw feel than the studio version. It was such a special experience that I found worth sharing for the memory, and hopefully some of that Ryman magic crept in the soundwaves for this recording to be enjoyed in its own unique way.

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