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"Ohio Reveries" Listen + Press

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I'm happy to share my latest collection "Ohio Reveries". Released on 4.8.22, this is a collection inspired by my Ohio home and the places it has taken me. I've traveled the world, felt joy and elation, heartache and loss, branches extending ever wider, and roots digging ever deeper into the soil from where I was born and continue to grow. Glimpses of those experiences are collected in this group of singles from late 2021 and early 2022, along with alternate 'Guitar + Strings' versions. 'Ohio Reveries' is streaming everywhere and available in CD and limited edition record form (with two different designs) via the online store. I'm so grateful for the positive reception these songs have had. They've been included on over 100 curated playlists and featured by over 25 indie publications from all over the world. You can listen to the songs, browse the coverage, and watch behind the scenes, compilations, and music videos below. Also, you can learn more about the artwork here. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy these reveries.

- Zack

Press coverage:

Flex Music Blog - Interview: Zack Fletcher

"Emotion, anguish and hope are the feelings he pours into his music and a voice that carries for miles, and we just had to chat to this hugely talented artist."

Jammerzine - The Test Drive: Zack Fletcher – Ohio Reveries + Q&A

"Complete with reflections on life, geography, and despair, Ohio Reveries is a modern folk magnum-opus."

Music Mecca - Interview: Singer-Songwriter Zack Fletcher Talks Introspective New Album 'Ohio Reveries'

"...this project showcases his exceptional guitar picking and playing, which is not to be outshined by his stellar vocals."

Of Rust and Glass - Interview with Zack Fletcher

Visit the link to purchase a digital or physical copy of Of Rust and Glass Winter 2021.

Toledo City Paper - Ohio Reveries: Local Talent Releases New Collection

"The songs explore themes of loss and living for today..."

BG Independent News - NW Ohio travels inspire Zack Fletcher’s latest album and its final destination to vinyl

"Local independent artist Zack Fletcher discusses his first solo album “Ohio Reveries” and its road to release on vinyl."


'The Traveler' was released 7.30.21. Listen everywhere now and read about it below.

Press coverage:

Two Story Melody - Zack Fletcher's “The Traveler” is a Beautiful Metaphor for Loss

"...this single will transform you and help you understand that the depths of your grief can be validated, if not through love, then through song."

BG Independent News - Zack Fletcher releases first song from ‘Ohio Reveries’ project

"‘The Traveler’ takes the opportunity to reflect on life’s fragility, and encourages the listener to be present in the here and now, and if for nothing else, live for those who no longer can."

Buzz Music - Zack Fletcher Paves New Sonic Trails with, "The Traveler"

"...what we take away from the emotion felt in “The Traveler,” is truly remarkable."

Indie Music Center - Zack Fletcher, The Traveler

"A warm voice, magnificent vocal harmonies, poetry and delicacy in the writing."

A&R Factory - Time To Fly: Ohio Singer-Songwriter Zack Fletcher Urges Us To Live For Those Who Are Sadly Gone On ‘The Traveler’

"...a beautiful song from a truly incredible artist, with that rare soul."

We Write About Music - Zack Fletcher positively shifts his sound on "The Traveler"

"...we are overwhelmingly recommending a listen."

Music News Monthly: Bite Size Reviews - Zack Fletcher Releases 'The Traveler'

"Zack's voice brings an enchanting warmth to this beautifully crafted song."

Roadie Music - Zack Fletcher: Release of "The Traveler"

"...unique and eye-catching talent."

Compilations featuring 'The Traveler':

Official Music Video

Directed by John Fleischmann

Behind the Scenes

at Court Street Recording


'No Moon' was released 8.27.21. Listen everywhere now and read about it below.

Press coverage:

Caesar Live N Loud - Zack Fletcher Shares New Single ‘No Moon’

"...dynamic and expressive vocal delivery, soaring beautifully over the polished production."

Glasse Factory - Featured Music of the Week: 08.30.2021

"This track in particular embodies his signature poetic lyricism..."

Roadie Music - Zack Fletcher: Release of "No Moon"

"...this song presented an engaging sound, and beautiful vocals..."

Compilations featuring 'No Moon':


'Compass Rose' was released 9.24.21. Listen everywhere now and read about it below.

Press coverage:

Indie Music Center: Sunday Chill - September 26, 2021

"Zack Fletcher has a whole musical universe to discover..."

Music News Monthly: Bite Size Reviews - Zack Fletcher Releases 'The Traveler'

"(Fletcher) appears on the radar yet again with another stunning track."

Indie Criollo - 10 Recomendaciones diarias del under mundial para el oído exigente #598

"...una canción que tiene el nivel para abrazarnos en medio de la suavidad de su ejecución folk."

Roadie Music - Zack Fletcher: convida a todos para escuta da obra “Compass Rose”

"...versos propagados diretamente do seu coração."

Lists featuring 'Compass Rose':

American Songwriter - 100+ More Songs We Absolutely Love From the Song Contest

Compilation and YouTube feature for 'Compass Rose (Guitar + Strings)':

Live from Court Street

Made in collaboration with Court Street Recording and Birdfish Brewing Co.

Shot and edited by Jared "Rooster" Oliver.


'Banks of Lethe' was released 11.5.21. Listen everywhere now and read about it below.

Press coverage:

Direct Actu - Zack Fletcher: Banks of Lethe

"Une belle découverte qui mérite d’avoir un écho dans le paysage musical français."

Last Day Deaf - Young Folks: 10 folk/acoustic/indie folk/alt-country/ singer-songwriter jams

"An emotional indie folk gem with intimate vocals, rich arrangement, heavenly melodies and lovely ambience..."

Indie Criollo - Banks of Lethe, Zack Fletcher

"...todas las emociones que necesitamos en nuestro interior."

Compilation featuring 'Banks of Lethe':


'Banks of Lethe' also inspired an ambient remix called the Charon Mix released on 12.3.21. Watch the official visualizer below (by Dustin Galish) or stream the full remix here:

Behind the Scenes

at Court Street Recording


'Ignis Fatuus' was released 1.14.22. Listen everywhere now and read about it below.

Press coverage:

Whitebox Music - Zack Fletcher el rockero de Ohio nos presenta Ignis Fatuus un tema enigmático

"...el sencillo es mágicamente enigmático, un tema lleno de texturas y sombras..."

Caesar Live N Loud - Zack Fletcher Shares New Single ‘Ignis Fatuus’

"...polished production packed with masterful fingerpicked guitar and beautiful string accompaniment to an epic instrumental finale."

Gobsmag Muziekblog- Zack Fletcher zingt over een foolish fire

"...dit liedje van Zack Fletcher heeft een chaotische, donkere sfeer."

Independent Spirits - Zack Fletcher: Ignis Fatuus

"...full of emotions and creativity."

Home Office Rock Spotify Playlist - Songs Worth Listening To

"If you close your eyes, head cinema is guaranteed."

Lists featuring 'Compass Rose':

Last Day Deaf - Dope. [150] playlist series

Compilation featuring 'Ignis Fatuus':

Performance Video

Fletcher submitted this performance video of 'Ignis Fatuus' to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest '22 on 3.14.22.

Behind the Scenes

at Court Street Recording

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